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This is the page for Caroline Bradley’s Business Associations class at the University of Miami. The Casebook for this class is Linda O Smiddy & Lawrence A Cunningham, Corporations and Other Business Organizations: Cases, Materials, Problems, Eighth Edition, 2014.

I have moved material which was previously on this page to the Archive page.

WEEK 15: April 20-24 On Monday we will discuss insider trading: Chiarella, Materia, Dirks and O’Hagan. On Wednesday we will focus on review: if you already know that what questions you think it would be useful for me to discuss on Wednesday please let me know before Wednesday – we may be able to address questions more effectively with some advance planning (email is good). And if you have questions you would like to ask me individually or in small groups you can ask me by email or we can meet. I have meetings at lunchtime every day next week but I will be available to meet with you at other times (at the moment I am free Monday before 12.30 and after 3.30, Tuesday after 2.00, Wednesday 10-12.30, Thursday before 12.30 and 2-4.30, and Friday before 11 and after 2pm. – email me if you would like to make an appointment).

We will have a review session on Friday at 11 am in Room F 309.

Some people have been asking me questions about statutes and the exam. Because I did not assign a statutes book this semester you have mostly seen the statutes through the cases. We did spend time discussing some of the statutes listed here (we looked at some in more detail than others). If I want you to discuss the language of a particular statute (for example one on this list) I will provide it for the exam. I will set the facts of the question in an imaginary state of the US like Arcadia and will probably not specify that the corporations statute is the same as the Delaware statute etc. So, unless I specify what rule applies, if there’s an issue where the cases you have read suggests more than one possible answer to a question it would make sense to tell me what the options are.

April 20: Here are my notes on the hypo.


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