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This is the page for Caroline Bradley’s Contracts Class at the University of Miami School of Law. For the Fall Semester 2016 we will be using the following books: Macaulay, Braucher, Kidwell & Whitford, Contracts: Law in Action: Volume I: The Introductory Course (4th Ed. 2016) (Carolina Academic Press) and Burton & Eisenberg, Contract Law, Selected Source Materials Annotated (Selected Statutes).

Dean’s fellow sessions for this class will be held by Sukhmani Brar on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3.30-4.20pm in Room F309 starting on August 29th.

Week 11: October 25 and 27 (No class on October 28) On Tuesday we will begin with Hamer v Sidway and then I hope to get to page 306. For Thursday please read to page 345.

Here is a link to the recording of the make-up session on Friday October 21.
Here is a link to a recording of class on Tuesday October 18.

Have a good weekend.


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